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Thanks everyone. That was a lot of support no trolls I’m surprised,  Chris Morabito said it. The fUnicorn dabbing Minute Maid shirt having that conversation with yourself is the most important part. At least to me anyway but what do I know I’m just a dope addict myself.

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Vivatrol look into it if u want, i been through all the programs none worked theThe fUnicorn dabbing Minute Maid shirt Im almost 11 mths clean off everything, Yeah I’ve been thinking about doing it. I have to be off my subs for like a week before I can get the shot so I’ll definitely have to mentally prepare myself because that’s gonna be a rough week but it will be worth it.Very real answer and great perspective all while

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Admitting your faults . When you do get “clean” I have a lot of faith your gonna make it ! Positive vibes your way, people arnt clean if they drink or smoke pot. Nobody is clean. everybody gots their bad habits. Taking a sub is no different then taking something for depression or bipolar disorder. Or taking somethings g for The fUnicorn dabbing Minute Maid shirt. There’s always something.


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