Three Jean Ralphio Moon shirt

Three Jean Ralphio Moon shirt

My daughter absolutely hates to wear dresses or skirts or even shorts and would much rather play with Legos and cars than with dolls. And that’s fine. Let children be children,  Nothing wrong with that at all. But what I don’t like is people scolding parents for having gender reveals and decorating a nursery for their baby girl because they say what if the Three Jean Ralphio Moon shirt a boy and they shouldn’t decorate the room as a girl. Honestly it’s tiring and so annoying to hear.

Three Jean Ralphio Moon ladies shirt and tank top and youth shirt

Three Jean Ralphio Moon ladies shirt
ladies shirt


I see nothing wrong with a little boy playing with a baby doll because he’ll grow up to be an amazing father and a little girl loving an because hey. When I was a toddler I had hand me down dinosaur pajamas from my brothers and loved them. They were boys clothes and I loved  it child or adult only ever qualifies as trans if they identify as theThree Jean Ralphio Moon shirt, not just cos they dress in different clothing and want to play with different toys. There is a massive difference you haven’t been paying attention.

Three Jean Ralphio Moon hoodie and longsleeve shirt

Three Jean Ralphio Moon hoodie
Three Jean Ralphio Moon sweater


Non binary and gender fluid are counted under trans. You don’t need to actually do anything to claim trans as no one has to the Three Jean Ralphio Moon shirt. You can wear whatever you want and change your gender whenever you want. All I ever was, and still am, is a tomboy that is it, nothing more, and there still so many out there still like that and they are not trans. Just cos some girls don’t like dresses does not mean they have to be labelled.

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