In my eyes, both of you are correct. Believing you are average can very well be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It can make you not take action upon your ideas and ambitions. You can do all kinds of crazy things, you can change the #Girldad Vintage Shirt . Although BlackSkull is correct in saying most people are average. If you learn to play football or to program, you can train for hundreds of hours and still not be exceptional. There are certain genetic traits that just make it impossible for some people to be exceptional. There is also a great deal of luck to anything. Luck of genetics, luck that people happen to check out your product. You can increase that luck but only so far.

#Girldad Vintage Shirt

#Girldad Vintage Shirt , hoodie, tank top and sweater

#Girldad Vintage hoodie

#Girldad Vintage sweater

Although you may not be the #Girldad Vintage Shirt programmer, you still have ideas, and you can program something that is revolutionary even if your an “average” programmer.  one thing someone asked me a looooong time ago when i was a wee thing was do i want to write or do i want to be a famous writer. you can write every damn day if you want. and the way you want. you can create all you ant through your writing. and yeah. going all the way takes a lot of energy and endurance esp today.

#Girldad Vintage
Ladies tee

#Girldad Vintage Tank top

so yes. we see a lot of people give up. i had a degree in writing and went to school with a lot of brilliant writers and i was pretty shocked that out of our big group of friends only 2 of us write. just be grateful you are awake and not a robot following the #Girldad Vintage Shirt . and write. there is no limit. there is no age. and you’re alive in a time when you can start it all on your own. not like the past at all.


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