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That face you make, when you know you about to violate behavior contract while on Cleveland Caucasians shirt from Oxford House. When i quit doing pills, all narcotics anonymous did was make me want to go do pills. Everyone sitting around talking about getting high nope.

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I love this page, it cracks me up on the Cleveland Caucasians shirt, love the dark humor and for a lot of us that will always be deeply embedded, this is the first post I’ve ever disliked on here, why not be glad, regardless of fellowship, that there is a celebrity platform being used to fight some stigma, it will plant a seed for a lot of people out there, just my 2 cents.

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How are people who presumably go to a fellowship with members insisting they’re “sober” whilst popping valium like it’s going out of style gonna talk about a meeting that addresses the Cleveland Caucasians shirt of addiction? Stick around guys, things become funny again soon enough and not everything feels like a personal attack, we do recover.

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